1. It’s not every day we see our artwork featured in Vogue! 

    Bettina Prentice, founder and owner of Prentice Art: “I did almost all of my Christmas shopping on Artspace.com this year. Part of their mission is collaborating with cultural institutions and nonprofits like limited editions so they’ll produce a portfolio of incredible contemporary art to benefit, say, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Creative Time, or even Coalition for the Homeless. The editions are just what I look for 1) by respected artists, 2) small in scale, and 3) very high in quality.”

  2. Artwork of the day

    Icelandic Barbie, 2008/2011 by Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir

    This work will ship in time for the holidays. View more last minute gift ideas here

  3. Artwork of the Day:

    Rose Tinted Lens by Jack Hardwicke

    From our list of holiday staff picks. This work was selected by Bill Claps, our finance and business planning consultant (and Artspace artist). 

    “I’m attracted by the abstract and roughly imperfect multilayered quality of this image, which feels to me like a found artifact that hints at a past history behind the scratches on the surface—perhaps something more sinister beyond the apparent beauty of the image.”

    View the entire holiday staff picks collection here. See the faces behind the names here.

  4. For the travelers, the globetrotters and the jetsetters:

    Paris by Adam Agam (starting at $250) / Shop by Bryan Rowe (starting at $250) / Las Vegas Neon Signs 331 by Ted VanCleave (starting at $100) / The conception of a River III [diptych], 2010 by Asim Waqif (a worth-it splurge at $1000)

    Or, if you’d rather let them decide on the artwork, give a gift card and attach it to a travel scale from Papersource.

  5. For the recyclers, the bicyclers, and the upcyclers:

    Speak for the Trees limited edition book ($80) / Lucca by Dan Agam (starting at $250) / Bamboo Forest, Shelter Island by Bastienne Schmidt (starting at $200) /Azuero Earth Project’s Artists for Azuero limited edition plate set (a worth-it splurge at $750)

    Or, if you’d rather let them decide on the artwork, give a gift card and put it in an I (Heart) NY reusable bag from the MOMA store.

  6. For your friend who is never caught without her camera or your cousin who is the king of instagram:

    Patti Sylvia, Joseph Campaign, by Pamela Hanson (starting at $200) / Prospect Park by Todd Matarazzo (starting at $100)/  Procession of Nuns by Steve McCurry (starting at $75)/ Effigy of the unmarked… by Colin Blakely (starting at $250) 

    Can’t decide which artwork to gift? Try a gift card and jazz it up with something cute and fun, like this photography set of temporary tattoos by Tattly.