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  10. "Irrational judgements lead to new experience."
    — Sol LeWitt (via massmoca)
  11. Creationism, 2011

    by Barron Claiborne

    "Sometimes you have to make people uncomfortable to get the photo you want."

    — Barron Claiborne

  12. Study Art, 2008

    by John Waters

    Dear Tumblr friends/followers,

    We are sorry we haven’t written to you in awhile! Lots of changes happening in the office with the bittersweet goodbyes we just had with our amazing interns here at Artspace, trips to Paris, and of course the most recent NYC hurricane scare.

    Now we hope to get back on track and keep providing all of you with nice pictures to look at and hopefully some interesting words for thought. Until then, we hope this John Water’s photograph can entertain you.

    We love you.

    -JESSIE (on behalf of everyone)