1. Total Lunar Eclipse (2012), Sarah Morris

    This is a beautiful example of the artist’s complex geometric abstractions based on the architecture and atmosphere of urban environments. This work is based on the unique dynamic and visual vocabulary of Rio.

  2. #Daily Art Fix

    This minimalist work by Ellsworth Kelly leaves us with a “Blue Valentine” kind of feeling. Anyone else?

  5. With roots in antiquity (paintings of fruits and vases adorned the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs), the still life has had waves of popularity throughout the ages. We love these contemporary takes on the subject matter, especially Irving Penn’s nod to the late 16th century Dutch vanitas paintings with his subtle addition of a fly on a lemon, symbolizing life’s impermanence.

    Still life with Watermelon, New York, 1947 by Irving Penn (top left) / Bahia Still Life, 1979/2011 by Billy Sullivan (top right) / Clementines from “Still Lifes, Portraits and Parts”, 2011 by Daniel Gordon (bottom left) / Untitled #3, from the series III Form & Void Full, 2011 by Laura Letinsky (bottom right)

  6. Pure explosions of colors, vivid nuances and eye-punching hues. A mini collection of our favorite neon colored artworks!

    THE ART (clockwise, from top left): Florilegio by Jose Iraola / abra vana alucinete fogo #1 by assume vivid astro focus / All the Lovely People by Marta Minujin / Nevo Eden 4199 by Andrea Juan

  7. Since 1972, Artists Space has successfully contributed to changing the institutional and economic landscape for contemporary art in New York City - lending support to emerging ideas and emerging artists alike.

    From Artists Space:

    40 years after its founding, Artists Space remains committed to using its resources to enable artists to critically challenge the status quo. Limited Editions are an important source of support for the organization, and specifically of its four core programs, each of which is intended to provide artists with a combination of tangible resources and opportunities for artistic and intellectual growth: the exhibitions program at Artists Space : Exhibitions; The Irving Sandler Artists File, an online registry of the work of over 14,000 international artists; Expanded Art Ideas, an arts in education program providing at-risk youth with access to arts education at New York City public schools; and Artists Space : Books & Talks, a new neighboring second venue dedicated to artistic debate and knowledge production.

    Learn more about Artists Space and collect works to benefit the organization here.

  10. Meet the newest Inspace artist Leah Durner and celebrate her West Elm collaboration (pictured above).

    Shop art by Leah Durner here.

  11. From our instagram:

    A few framed Kate Shepherd prints get prepared for shipment.

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  12. It’s time to get cracking on that list of New Year Resolutions! We’ve come up with a few suggestions to help you get started.

    1. Eat well. Here are a few food-inspired artworks that won’t break whatever diet you choose to follow.
    2. Give back. Our benefit editions support non-profits like charity:water, Coalition for the Homeless, LIVESTRONG, and more.
    3. Travel the world. Even if it is only through the eyes of another
    4. Start your art collection. All priced at or under $100, these works will help you become a collector in 2013.

    Happy 2013!

    [THE ART PICTURED ABOVE: Still Life with Watermelon by Irving Penn, Hurricane LIV by Clifford Ross, Flower Seller at Dal Lake by Steve McCurry, Stack of Gear by Andrew Rae]


    The Queen has been given a collection of 97 original works of art by members of the Royal Academy including David Hockney and Tracey Emin as a Diamond Jubilee gift. 

    Fortunately the monarch, who celebrated 60 years on the throne in June, has given the collection of Jubilee-inspired prints, drawings, photographs and works in oil, watercolour and mixed media, to the Royal Collection on behalf of the nation, who will display them at the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham palace next autumn. [Read more on Mail Online]

  14. From our instagram:

    Enoc Perez’s Lovers, getting ready to be shipped out to a lucky collector.

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  15. Hey, San Francisco! You’re invited to swing by Electric Works and check out The Best of Everything, an exhibition of some of our Artspace Editions.

    Opening reception is this Friday, from 6-8pm.

    Exhibition will run through December 22, 2012.