Peter Schuyff’s characteristic style is exemplified in this humorous layered painting. Interested in the relationship between reality and fantasy, Schuyff appropriates a traditional portrait and overlays a playful, abstract form—appearing like oversized sunglasses—across the subject’s face, undercutting the gravitas of traditional portraiture.

  4. #Daily Art Fix:

    Huang Yan is known for overlaying traditional Chinese paintings on his models’ faces and torsos. This work is a particularly striking—the painted subject looks directly at the viewer, his cultural heritage deeply imbedded into his personal identity, not unlike a tattoo.

  5. #Worth Sharing:

    Another great gem from Brainpickings.org: Giorgia Lupi & Accurat's visualization of 10 painters' lives.

    [Found via Artsy]

  6. #Daily Art Fix

    Solitude (2005), Yutaka Sone


  7. #Daily Art Fix

    Don’t Worry Why (2011) by Emilio Perez

    Having always been attracted to painting and drawing, Perez’s unique practice is a back and forth conversation between the two mediums. As he brushes wet-on-wet passages over a thin, atmospheric sprayed-on ground, colors blend and physical depth is built. He then commits to drawing back into the surface—slicing into it with a sharp Exacto knife— to peel away large and small areas that define the composition.

  13. Artwork of the day:

    Rose Garden by Agus Purnomo

  14. Artwork of the day:

    Dump Truck Parking by Jeremy Dickinson


    An interview with Kehinde Wiley in GQ

    At 36, he is already one of the art world’s brightest lights, painter of portraits that borrow heavily from the old to make something blazingly new. Where once there were only white kings and their queens, Kehinde Wiley inserts the “brown faces” long absent from Western art. Rappers, athletes, kids off the street. Wyatt Mason hangs with Wiley as he hits the beaches and markets of North Africa, handpicks his subjects, and transforms them, step by inspired step, into an ambitious new series of paintings. This is how a masterpiece is made. [Read more on GQ]