Jeff Koons Is the Most Successful American Artist Since Warhol. So What’s the Art World Got Against Him? [via New York Magazine]


    “If I could put my body into my work,” Orly Genger likes to say, “that would be the ultimate.” Some might argue that she does that already in her sculptures. Over the last 10 years, Ms. Genger has become known for creating ambitious installations from seemingly endless coils of rope that she crochets and teases into shapes that recall Modern masterworks. [Read more on the New York Times]


    David Shrigley makes a shrine to Michael Jackson’s former pet chimp Bubbles (who is alive and well in the Center for Great Apes in FL). [via Artinfo]


    An interview with Kehinde Wiley in GQ

    At 36, he is already one of the art world’s brightest lights, painter of portraits that borrow heavily from the old to make something blazingly new. Where once there were only white kings and their queens, Kehinde Wiley inserts the “brown faces” long absent from Western art. Rappers, athletes, kids off the street. Wyatt Mason hangs with Wiley as he hits the beaches and markets of North Africa, handpicks his subjects, and transforms them, step by inspired step, into an ambitious new series of paintings. This is how a masterpiece is made. [Read more on GQ]


    Artist Nick Cave On The Galloping Success of His “Heard NY” Performance

    The art world has long been familiar with the work of the Chicago-based artist Nick Cave due to the unforgettable, visually impactful quality of his so-called “soundsuits.” Now, after the exceptionally successful run of his Heard NY performance in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall—one of the city’s most bustling thoroughfares—the rest of the city is familiar with him too. [Read more]


    Re-Thinking the Gallery Wall: 10 Funky New Ideas

    You’ve seen them in our Apartment Therapy House Tours and all over the blogosphere. When it comes to decorating, clustering pictures is trés chic. And it’s really no surprise; a gallery wall adds a nice bit of texture to a room and is a great way to make a big visual statement without splurging on a huge piece of art. But what if you want to take your arrangement a little beyond just a few frames hanging on a wall? Here are 10 stylish and novel ideas for creating a gallery wall. [See them all on Apartment Therapy]


    The quest to find one’s purpose and live the creative life boldly is neither simple nor easy, especially for a young person trying to make sense of the world and his place in it. In the spring of 1926, Sherwood Anderson sent his seventeen-year-old son John a beautiful addition to history’s most moving and timeless letters of fatherly advice.

    Found in Posterity: Letters of Great Americans to Their Children (UK; public library), the missive offers insight on everything from knowing whose advice not to take to the false allure of money to the joy of making things with your hands. [Read more on Brain Pickings]


    Gilbert & George works to be used in Jean Abreu dance show

    It was partly a mutual interest in blood and bodily fluids that led the Brazilian choreographer and performer Jean Abreu to approach Gilbert & George to ask if he could use their art in his new show.They said yes, and Abreu selected 25 images from works created between 1996 and 1998 to create a visual backdrop for his new work Blood, which will open in May in Colchester before travelling to Leicester and the Linbury studio theatre at the Royal Opera House in London. [Read more on the Guardian]

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    Check out the vibrant colors in this Fred Tomaselli print

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    Jeff Koons Designs Mouton 2010 label

    Koons is the latest in a long line of artists to create an original work for the château, which has commissioned avant-garde artists to design its labels since 1945. Owner and long time art lover Baroness Philippine de Rothschild commissioned the Pennsylvania-born sculptor to create the label. In his design, Koons works over a Pompeii fresco of The Birth of Venus with a silver line drawing of a ship sailing under a bright sun. [Read more on The Drinks Business]