1. We took Buzzfeed’s “Which Contemporary Artist Are You? quiz and here are our results and a few of the best reactions (names removed to protect the innocent):

    24% Marina Abramovic

    "I don’t think I could move anyone to tears and I’ve never had a scorpion on my face, but I don’t hate it!"  "Well this probably could not be more inaccurate."*stares unblinking across the table*

    24% Jeff Koons 

    "Oh man, not what I would have expected." "I think this is because I love everything dog-related!" "Hmm… that’s surprising!"

    20% Ai Weiwei

    "I agree. I can be outspoken from time to time." "I do love social media!"

    16% Banksy

    "Totes accurate." 

    12% Yayoi Kusama

    "I love her work and received her artist-designed beach towel as a christmas gift, so it was meant-to-be.”  ”I do like color and pattern!”

    4% Damien Hirst

    "These Buzzfeed quizzes really don’t get me."

    Did you take the quiz? Which contemporary artist are you?


  2. Skip flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s day, your loved ones deserve more. These artful gifts will go beyond the wall, from a Barbara Kruger designed beach towel and Olafur Eliasson’s global-energy-conscious solar lamps to table toppers like coasters designed by Louise Bourgeois and an art book photographed by Reed Krakoff. The best part? They are all priced at or below $100, which means you’ll have enough pennies left for a prix fixe dinner for two when February 14 rolls around.

    Pictured clockwise from top left: Artist Plate (2012), Jeff Koons ($98)THINK PIECE (2013), Ragnar Kjartansson ($70)Beach (4) (2011), Serge Hamad ($75)Little Sun (2012), Olafur Elíasson ($28)Bandana: Red Lines (2013), Barry McGee ($65)Women in Art (2013), Reed Krakoff ($95)Set of 4 Coasters (2012), Louise Bourgeois ($45)Beach Towel (2012), Barbara Kruger ($95)

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    Jeff Koons Is the Most Successful American Artist Since Warhol. So What’s the Art World Got Against Him? [via New York Magazine]

  5. Artwork of the day

    Puppy by Jeff Koons

    If Moses could get his portrait done by any artist, he would pick Jeff Koons.


    Jeff Koons Designs Mouton 2010 label

    Koons is the latest in a long line of artists to create an original work for the château, which has commissioned avant-garde artists to design its labels since 1945. Owner and long time art lover Baroness Philippine de Rothschild commissioned the Pennsylvania-born sculptor to create the label. In his design, Koons works over a Pompeii fresco of The Birth of Venus with a silver line drawing of a ship sailing under a bright sun. [Read more on The Drinks Business]


    A1: On the Stunning Exodus of Damien Hirst, Yayoi Kasuma, and Jeff Koons, and More Art News

    Imagine if Tom Cruise had been suddenly and dramatically abandoned this June by not only his wife Katie Holmes but also two other wives, say Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz. Adjusted to the dimensions of the art world, that might generate about the scale of perfervid speculation and bug-eyed interest that we saw explode around Gagosian Gallery this week when Damien Hirst joined Jeff Koons and Yayoi Kusama in an extraordinary defection of titanic mega-artists from the blue-chip gallery. What’s going on here? In Hirst’s case, at least, there are multiple possible motives. [Read the full story and weekly round up of art news on Artspace here]


  8. Marc Dennis: Guns, Koons, and Kitsch

    This weekend Artspace went to the Marc Dennis exhibition Honey Bunny at Hasted Kraeutler, the Chelsea gallery that represents him. I had previously only seen the Artspace print Honey Bunny, which is awesome, and I was thrilled to see the whole series from which it comes. The paintings are so smooth and realistic that they look like photographs. There were a lot of paintings of hanging meat, but since I’m a vegetarian, I enjoyed the guns more (even though I’m a pacifist). I don’t know if it’s just the title, Honey Bunny, or the aesthetic of kitsch combined with violence, but for me, these works have a Pulp Fiction vibe. If you have the chance, I definitely recommend stopping by the show! –CAROLINE

    I especially love the rabbit, a Jeff Koons allusion! 

    Jessie dug the kitten.

    You can buy this print on Artspace! It looks so cool framed.

  9. Honey Bunny, 2011

    by Marc Dennis

    This print is all-together strange. It features the ultimate girly-girl items - pearls and lingerie - amalgamated with a handgun and with a man’s brown leather shoe. Rabbit, the late-1980s stainless steel sculpture by Jeff Koons, appears on the right side of the work. Thus, sex and violence are the predominant themes in Honey Bunny. Perhaps this is in reference to the Freudian notion that the human obsession with pain and sexual aggression are intertwined at the forefront of our thoughts. Throwing in Koons, the king of American consumerism and materialistic motifs, transforms this work from reading as a strictly psychoanalytic (and mildly disturbing) work and instead gives it a cultural background.  The Koons insertion alludes to a present-day setting - to America and the 80s. -LINDSAY