1. {Total Lunar Eclipse (2012), Sarah Morris | Dress by Lisa Perry | Photograph by Tylor Hou}


    Upon first glimpse at the blog Pari Dust, we immediately fell in love. Stunning photography (you can follow the photographer here), beautifully written posts, and one of the most inspiring marriages of art and fashion that we’ve seen on the web. Best-known for her art and fashion selfies (seen on the blog and documented on her Instagram), we invited Pari to take one in our office and give us the inside scoop on how she got started.

    Where are you from and when did you first get into art?

    I grew up in the Midwest, Southern Indiana. Every summer I would attend art camp and that is where I became obsessed with making. I also fell in love with art through travel and still identify a place with my favorite museum, the Hermitage, Uffizi Gallery, The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. These museums sparked my desire to pursue architecture, which is what I studied in school. I now have my own interior design firm which I started about a year ago.  

    How did you come up with the concept for your blog, Pari Dust? 

    For a while I’d been seeking a creative outlet as an offset to the architecture and interior design work I was doing.  Art and fashion have always been my original loves so I began to think of different ways to explore the relationship between them.  At first I started doing a series of collages using magazine tear-outs of art or architecture paired with fashion editorials that evoked the same feeling then the idea evolved to me bringing the pairings to life, staging my own shoots and creating original imagery. This is my way of acknowledging that interacting with art is an essential component in my creative process and fashion is one of my ultimate forms of self-expression. I also love the idea of educating readers on art through the lens of fashion, the academia side is very important to me. 

    Tell us a little about the process involved with planning one of your art and fashion photo shoots.

    I try to go out and see as much as I can, once I see something most of the time I just intuitively know that I want to shoot it.  So the art comes first and then comes the outfit pairing.  I observe color, texture and form in the work and choose which elements I want to pull out and look for in the clothing.  I try not to be too literal, most importantly to emanate the same overall feeling and nod to the essential concept.  The idea is that art is shown in relation to fashion in a way where each one is able to hold its own while underpinning the other.  I love to bring exposure to emerging designers, as well as wearing more established lines whose approach is visionary.  Right now I love Tome, Delpozo, and Rosie Assoulin. 

    What type of art are you typically drawn to? What type of artworks lends itself best for your photos? 

    Personally I am drawn to more minimal works.  I cannot say I have a favorite medium or style it is more the essential qualities of work that appeal to me, I love sculpture that is a bit primitive or raw, sometimes the use of color can be magical.  As for art that lends itself to be photographed, scale is an important factor, larger pieces make for a more immersive experience.  Sculpture is very interactive and the act of moving around it can be interesting to photograph.  I try to put forth a mix. 

    How do you stay on top of new exhibitions in the art world? Do you have any tips for those who are new to discovering art on ways to stay connected with their local art scene?

    I’m a very visual person so I find that Instagram is a great resource for me to actually see what is out there.  My advice would be to follow your favorite local galleries and museums as well as search different hashtags of artists you love, sometimes this is a good way of discovering an art collector or appreciator who is tapped in and exposing new artists/art happenings.  I’ve also been looking at the ADAA’s facebook who regularly posts new exhibitions.

    If you could commission any artist to do your portrait, who would you choose?

    Elizabeth Peyton, I love the smaller scale, her portraits are very evocative to me. 

    **To celebrate Frieze New York, we invite you to get inspired by Pari and take your own art selfies. Whether in NYC or beyond, go to your favorite art spot and shoot an inspired pic. Share it on Instagram and tag it with #artselfie @artspace @paridust and we’ll pick our favorites and share them here next week!**

  2. **To celebrate Frieze New York, we invite you to get inspired by Pari and take your own art selfies. Whether in NYC or beyond, go to your favorite art spot and shoot an inspired pic. Share it on Instagram and tag it with #artselfie @artspace @paridust and we’ll pick our favorites and share them here next week!**

  3. #ARTMOMENT(s)

    We’ve been taking the west coast by storm this past week. We teamed up with Nordstrom to add an artful element to their Designer Showcase and spent time at YBCA in San Fran for a special evening amidst their current exhibition “Public Intimacy: Art and Other Ordinary Acts in South Africa.” Pit stops along the way included Jessica Silverman and John Berggruen galleries. We are sharing all of these pics via #artmoment, follow along and join in!

  4. #Worth Sharing:

    Our favorite find on the internet today is the blog, Caldergram. It pulls a feed of instagrams geo-tagged near bright red sculptures by Alexander Calder. Made up of a combination of artistic shots of the pieces, selfies, and food photography, it’s interesting to see how public art can become seamless with the everyday.

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    Fun fact: This year’s event includes a groundbreaking Aperture Instagram auction, curated by Kathy Ryan, director of photography at the New York Times Magazine. It includes 100 signed unique prints by Andrew Hetherington, Vik Muniz, Alex Prager, Andy Spade, Tilda Swinton, Penelope Umbrico, Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin and many more. Take a peek here. Plus, follow along here during the days leading up to the auction to see previews of the works available.

  10. From our instagram:

    Limited edition artist-designed tequila bottle for Casa Dragones. 

    Designed by Gabriel Orozco, this bottle is available for purchase by contacting casadragones@artspace.com. Cheers!

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    The Artspace team on their way to last night’s gallery openings.

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    Natalie Frank at Fredericks & Freiser’s Armory Show booth.

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    Gutai: Splendid Playground at the Guggenheim Museum.

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    Fully stocked (and beautifully organized!) fridge at Artspace HQ.

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    Setting up for a BBQ baby shower at Artspace HQ this afternoon.