We’ve been taking the west coast by storm this past week. We teamed up with Nordstrom to add an artful element to their Designer Showcase and spent time at YBCA in San Fran for a special evening amidst their current exhibition “Public Intimacy: Art and Other Ordinary Acts in South Africa.” Pit stops along the way included Jessica Silverman and John Berggruen galleries. We are sharing all of these pics via #artmoment, follow along and join in!

  2. #Worth Sharing:

    Our favorite find on the internet today is the blog, Caldergram. It pulls a feed of instagrams geo-tagged near bright red sculptures by Alexander Calder. Made up of a combination of artistic shots of the pieces, selfies, and food photography, it’s interesting to see how public art can become seamless with the everyday.

  7. Online pre-bidding is now live for the Aperture Foundation 1/1 Benefit Auction! 

    Fun fact: This year’s event includes a groundbreaking Aperture Instagram auction, curated by Kathy Ryan, director of photography at the New York Times Magazine. It includes 100 signed unique prints by Andrew Hetherington, Vik Muniz, Alex Prager, Andy Spade, Tilda Swinton, Penelope Umbrico, Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin and many more. Take a peek here. Plus, follow along here during the days leading up to the auction to see previews of the works available.

  8. From our instagram:

    Limited edition artist-designed tequila bottle for Casa Dragones. 

    Designed by Gabriel Orozco, this bottle is available for purchase by contacting casadragones@artspace.com. Cheers!

  9. From our instagram:

    The Artspace team on their way to last night’s gallery openings.

  10. From our instagram:

    Natalie Frank at Fredericks & Freiser’s Armory Show booth.

  11. From our instagram:

    Gutai: Splendid Playground at the Guggenheim Museum.

  12. From our instagram:

    Fully stocked (and beautifully organized!) fridge at Artspace HQ.

  13. From our instagram:

    Setting up for a BBQ baby shower at Artspace HQ this afternoon.

  14. From our instagram:

    Spotted at the New Museum: Artists for Azuero.

  15. From our instagram:

    Room for Myth: Barney Kulok, Roy McMakin, Arlene Shechet @DODGEgallery