From “Wall Street” to “Girls,” 10 Examples of Pop Culture’s Mixed-Up Take on Art

    Pop culture has a strange, twisted, love-hate, Sam and Diane kind of relationship with art. It adores artists as tortured visionaries but ridicules the art world as a den of pretentious weirdos. What do reporters and critics who spend their days devoted to covering this scene have to say about popular takes on art? To answer that question, we had our writers pick out 10 of their favorite examples of art in film or TV, and then give them letter grades for accuracy and effort (to reward works that at least try to get it right). [Read more on Artinfo]


  2. Celebrity Art

    Solipstica Nihilisti, 2009

    by Richard Phillips

    How do you know when you’ve made it big as a contemporary artist? When you have a retrospective at MoMA or the Whitney? When your paintings sell for big bucks at Christie’s? When the Pace Gallery asks to represent you? Nah. While these things are cool, they don’t say “I’m a big deal” like getting your artwork on a hit TV show.

    Spectrum, 1998

    In 2008, Richard Phillips’s 1998 painting Spectrum appeared on Gossip Girl in the Van der Woodsens’ renovated loft, and Phillips actually made a guest appearance on the show when the painting was formally unveiled.

    The inspiration for Spectrum was a fashion advertisement from the late ‘60s, but Phillips says that on set people kept saying the girl looked like Leighton Meester, Blair from the show.

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