1. We celebrate the return of HBO’s GIRLS with the launch of a new feature on the Daily Artspace! Each month we will pick a fictional character (or 2 or 3 or 4) and turn them into an art curator, matching their personalities and taste with artworks you can find on Artspace. 

    And you guessed it—first up, we’ve channeled the inner energies and anxieties of Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna of GIRLS. We picked works that just felt right to us; feel free to give feedback and let us know if we were on target or completely missed the mark. Go.

    Hannah | Marnie | Jessa | Shoshanna

    #Fictional Curator Series #GIRLS

    (Also, we are now taking suggestions for next month’s fictional characters. Send us a message if there is a fictional person out there whose art picks you’d like to see on this blog. We’d love to hear from you!)

  2. For Hannah, we selected works that would complement her hipster Greenpoint apartment with touches of humor and irony (and deer antlers). Fun fact: We couldn’t help ourselves, we included a work by Lena Dunham’s IRL mom Laurie Simmons.

    THE ART:

    Sarah x 2 (2013), June Glasson | Peanuts (2011), Jonathan Monk | Paperdolls (2012), Peter Jensen and Laurie Simmons | Carmen (2011), Judith Hudson

    #Fictional Curator Series #GIRLS

  3. Jessa often uses a bohemian, free-spirited lifestyle to guard her inner feelings of disquietude; these works are also masters of disguise: appearing as one thing, but saying another.

    THE ART:

    One Hundred Eight (2011), Gonkar GyatsoSalt & Pepper Shakers (2008), David ShrigleyBubble Bath (2010/2011), Rebekka GuðleifsdóttirLeakage II (2011), Imran Qureshi

    #Fictional Curator Series  #GIRLS


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