3. Today’s trend: PASTELS

    From baby pink to lavender, strong pastels illuminated outerwear on the runways of designers, including Celine and Rodarte, for the fall season. Take those hues to your walls with today’s roundup of lightly colored artwork.

    #ArtspaceFashionWeek #Pastels

  6. Editorialist’s Stefania Allen and Kate Davidson Hudson shared their art picks over on Artspace, but we asked them to do a special round-up of what they truly know best: accessories. Here are their 5 must-haves that are sure to make you sparkle this summer.

    1. Natasha Cuff by Dannijo
    2. Rose Gold, Geode and Diamond Necklace by Kimberly McDonald
    3. Gold-Plated, Stone and Crystal Lotus Earrings by Lele Sadoughi
    4. Two-Tone Leather Sandals by Aperlai
    5. Anorexxxy Acetate Sunglasses by Theirry Lasry in collaboration with Miroslava Duma

  8. Diverting a bit from our usual color wheel, we decided to create our very first Pattern Wheel.

    THE PATTERN: Geometric shapes

    THE ART: Magnets by Elín Hansdóttir

    FOUND: 1. Clutch found on Nordstrom Rack / 2. Fendi shoe found on Shoe Snob / 3. Geometric Leather Necklace found on Etsy / 4. Multi Colored Geometric iPhone 5 case found on Zazzle / 5. Geometric Sunglasses by Miu Miu / 6. Geometric Pillow found on Etsy

  10. Floral is a favorite fashion trend that repeats every spring. When we saw this Floral Moschino dress on Elle, we couldn’t help but think of one of our favorite floral pieces by Todd Eberle.


    A History of Fashion and Art Collaborations

    Over the past decade the number of collaborations between fashion designers and contemporary artists has increased to a dizzying degree—in fact, the marketplace is now saturated with unique hybrid efforts of this kind. While the crossover of fashion and art is hardly a new phenomenon, the nature of these partnerships differs greatly from those of the past. To cast some light on this evolution, we took a look back at how the relationship between fashion and art has changed over time. [Read more on Artspace]

  12. "Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions" - Coco Chanel

    (From Coco Chanel : Her Life, Her Secrets by Marcel Haedrich)

    A fashion quote to kick off fashion week!


    For W Magazine's latest art meets fashion issue, the magazine has enlisted actress Jessica Chastain and photographer Max Vadukulto team up with four extraordinary artists and create the latest cover story. We have Jessica pictured through vision of artists Rineke Dijkstra, George Condo, Mickalene Thomas, and Chantal Joffe. [See more images on Design Scene]

  14. Artwork of the Day:

    Chelsea Hotel (British Glamour), 2003/2011 by Pamela Hanson