1. From our Instagram:

    Someone got a brand new hoodie for the holidays!

  2. Artwork of the day:

    New York City. 2000 by Elliott Erwitt

  3. Artwork of the day:

    Secret, 1991/2009 by William Wegman

  4. From our Instagram:

    Dress up day with Moses!

    (Read more about Mo here.)

  5. We talked to New York Native and art legacy pup Moses Levene about growing up in the art world, long walks in Chelsea, and his fave place to get a snack. The Yorkie had lots to bark about.

    ARTSPACE: Moses, you’re quite the man about the office, always scurrying around— What keeps you on the move?

    MOSES: Well, it’s a dog’s life. There’s always so much going on at Artspace, whether it’s sitting in on meetings, helping Adam with logistics, or running to the door when new work comes in. After all, I do have my responsibilities as guard dog. Excuse me, I think I smell a delivery now. 

    (5 minutes later)

    MOSES: Sorry, a bunch of new Murakami's just arrived. 

    ARTSPACE: Speaking of new art, what’s your favorite piece right now?

    MOSES: I would have to say Dame Barbara Cortland, Hedfordshire by Juergen Teller (pictured above). I think it really speaks to my personal experience of what it’s like to be a small dog. 

    ARTSPACE: As a dog at the center of the art world, what do you like to sniff out?

    MOSES: Well, Artspace is based near some of our partners in Chelsea, so usually I like to do a little gallery hopping during my mid-day walk.

    ARTSPACE: Sounds good. We hear you’re kind of a foodie…Where’s your favorite place to get a snack?

    MOSES: Artspace meetings always have delicious pizza, and when I have to sit in, I enjoy hearing all the great ideas flying around. But, as a man on the move, I know it’s also important to slow down…so sometimes I take a seat to get a treat. 

    ARTSPACE: Growing up as an insider in the art world you’ve seen many art lovers make the transition from admirers to collectors. What advice would you give to someone who has yet to buy that first piece?

    MOSES: Start with something you love, dogs are always nice!

    This isn’t Mo’s first time in the spotlight. See him here and here.

  6. sashabaw:

    Marc Dennis, from his exhibition “Honey Bunny”. Oil on canvas

  7. Dame Barbara Cartland, Herfordshire

    by Juegen Teller

    Stylish old women are amazing.

    Stylish old women with their pets are even more amazing.