1. Worth Sharing:

    Uniqlo is now selling a t-shirt line influenced by contemporary artists. Like this Sarah Morris inspired shirt. 

  3. Daily Art Fix:

    Street artist Michael De Feo created bloemen violet, a jubilant, graffiti-infused silkscreen print, one of 50, as a collaboration with Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, a New York City-based nonprofit that both provides inner city youth with significant exposure to the arts and supports emerging artists.

  5. Inspiration:  At a Creative Mornings event last week, a couple of us had the chance to pop in on Dustin Yellin’s studio and got a glimpse of his amazing space and some of his works in progress.


    The #ATeam conquered the art world this weekend and snapped up some instagrams to prove it. See them all here.

  8. #Worth Sharing

    Artist Jon Rafman overlays interiors with masterpieces

    (Pictured: Picasso Everybody Loves Raymond (2013))

  9. #Daily Art Fix:

    Huang Yan is known for overlaying traditional Chinese paintings on his models’ faces and torsos. This work is a particularly striking—the painted subject looks directly at the viewer, his cultural heritage deeply imbedded into his personal identity, not unlike a tattoo.


    A post card from Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse.


    "Do a lot of little things - it’s better than large things."

    Postcard from Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse, New York, New York, postmarked July 2, 1966

    All postcard images courtesy of Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, Ohio.  Eva Hesse Archive, Gift of Helen Hesse Charash.  © The Eva Hesse Estate. Courtsey Hauser & Wirth  © Estate of Sol LeWitt/ Artist Rights Society (ARS)

  12. #ARTMOMENT(s)

    We’ve been taking the west coast by storm this past week. We teamed up with Nordstrom to add an artful element to their Designer Showcase and spent time at YBCA in San Fran for a special evening amidst their current exhibition “Public Intimacy: Art and Other Ordinary Acts in South Africa.” Pit stops along the way included Jessica Silverman and John Berggruen galleries. We are sharing all of these pics via #artmoment, follow along and join in!

  14. Anchored by Robert Longo’s compelling darkened flag, Frank Underwood’s collection is bold yet filled with subtleties, much like his character. We especially like how the menu of southern delicacies in the background of the Skylar Fein work speaks to Frank’s southern roots and we hope you caught our gentle nod to Frank’s video game obsession in Longo’s Untitled (Arena Brains). 

    THE ART:  Black Flag (1989), Robert Longo | Untitled (dollar bill back) (2012), Tom Friedman | High Water at the Carrollton Gauge (White Flag) (2011), Skylar Fein | Untitled (Arena Brains) (1986), Robert Longo

    #Fictional Curator Series #House of Cards

    See Claire’s collection

  15. Made up of many shades of gray, Claire’s collection includes works that were very carefully selected to reflect her personality. The minimal, geometric works by James Siena and Susan Hefuna speak to her personal aesthetic, while the haunting Francesca Woodman photograph subtly references her darker side. To add a dash of philanthropy, we made sure to include a piece by Clifford Ross, which fittingly benefits the clean water initiative charity:water.

    THE ART: Hurricane LIV (2009/2011), Clifford Ross to benefit charity:waterNumbered Triangle Sequence (2012), James Siena Cityscapes (2012), Susan HefunaYet another leaden sky, Rome, Italy (1977-1978), Francesca Woodman

    #Fictional Curator Series #House of Cards

    See Frank’s collection