Rhombus (Origami) (2013), Shannon Finley

    Painting, Unique work


    66K25633 Organic Project (2013), Andrea Juan

    C-Print, Edition of 6

  5. How can you resist these colorful angels by Qu Guangci of X+Q? Proceeds benefit the Guggenheim!

  6. Artwork of the day:

    Slats, 2011 by Todd Chilton

  7. Artwork of the day:

    Carmen, 2011 by Judith Hudson

    Today’s the last day of guest blogging on curate 1k. Take a peek at the full collection here. And make sure to read our interview with Norah Guignon, the brains behind the blog. Happy Friday!

  8. Artwork of the day:

    Counterpassant, 2005 by Kara Maria

    (Also, make sure to view the full 1k collection over on curate 1k)

  9. Artwork of the day:

    Afternoon Feast, 2009 by Amy Cheng

  10. Artwork of the day:

    Dancing by Roxa Smith

    *Offered in partnership with New York Foundation for the Arts

  11. Artwork of the day:

    Step by Step, 2002 by Richard Tuttle

  13. Artwork of the day:

    Lighthouse by Guy Yanai

    Just wanted to add a pop of color (and summer) to this dreary and wintery day. 

  14. Artwork of the day:

    Ultra Violette by Alexis Rockman

    Proceeds from the sale of this work benefit the Brooklyn Artists Relief fund in support of artists and artisans affected by Hurricane Sandy.

  15. Artwork of the day:

    Red Corners, 2005 by Jessica Stockholder

    Brighten up your Monday with this sunny piece!