Responsible for sourcing new artworks, working with artists, institutions, and partners, and handling all shipping, operations, and merchandising, our curatorial team has a full plate.

    This month, they’ve been especially excited about a new collaboration with the Neue Galerie that has allowed us to be able to offer our collectors access to service sets designed by Josef Hoffmann (select pieces pictured above). Hoffmann’s elegant designs utilize both abstract and geometric shapes, which makes them the perfect addition to the art lover’s table. 


    We are excited to announce a new, fun, feature on Artspace.com. Now you can browse our artworks in a customizable gallery view. See each work to scale, play around with framing options, and scroll through the entire gallery using just a few clicks on the screen. Tap through our tutorial below to learn more. Then go here to try it out yourself!

  3. Inspiration:  At a Creative Mornings event last week, a couple of us had the chance to pop in on Dustin Yellin’s studio and got a glimpse of his amazing space and some of his works in progress.

  4. We took Buzzfeed’s “Which Contemporary Artist Are You? quiz and here are our results and a few of the best reactions (names removed to protect the innocent):

    24% Marina Abramovic

    "I don’t think I could move anyone to tears and I’ve never had a scorpion on my face, but I don’t hate it!"  "Well this probably could not be more inaccurate."*stares unblinking across the table*

    24% Jeff Koons 

    "Oh man, not what I would have expected." "I think this is because I love everything dog-related!" "Hmm… that’s surprising!"

    20% Ai Weiwei

    "I agree. I can be outspoken from time to time." "I do love social media!"

    16% Banksy

    "Totes accurate." 

    12% Yayoi Kusama

    "I love her work and received her artist-designed beach towel as a christmas gift, so it was meant-to-be.”  ”I do like color and pattern!”

    4% Damien Hirst

    "These Buzzfeed quizzes really don’t get me."

    Did you take the quiz? Which contemporary artist are you?


    The #ATeam conquered the art world this weekend and snapped up some instagrams to prove it. See them all here.

  6. Social Media & Marketing Intern
    Twitter / Instagram: BrittanyRaeann

    Who is your favorite artist?

    It’s a toss up between Leonardo da Vinci and Frida Kahlo.

    What is your favorite art space?

    I’m cliche… The Met. So much history and amazing works are contained within those walls. Every time I go I see something new.

    What works are on your Artspace wish list?

    Oh goodness, a lot — and more are added daily. Rose Tinted Lens by Jack Hardwicke, Chelsea Hotel (British Glamour) by Pamela Hanson, For the Love of God by Damien Hirst, Nike by Tobias Keene,It’s All Derivative: Marilyn by Bill Claps, Only One YOU by Shantell Martin, From Glamour Girls by Patrick McMullanNew York City. Flat Iron Building. 1969 by Elliott ErwittUntitled, from the series Darkroom 2005-2006 by Michel Campeau… really I could go on forever.

    When were you first exposed to art / the art world?

    Art has always been a part of my life from as early as I can remember. I have been in art classes since grade school, and since then my love and knowledge of art has only continued to grow.

    Do you create art?

    Yes. Mostly mixed media works. I love playing with different combinations of mediums and just letting my creativity flow. I shut my brain off when I work on a piece, and just let it happen.

    What’s one item you can’t live without?

    My iPhone. I’m a total Apple snob, and it contains practically my entire life on it - the Bible, music, phone numbers, pictures… everything. It’s how I communicate.

    What’s your favorite food to snack on while in the office?

    We have these dark chocolate covered pretzels that I can’t seem to get enough of. They are heavenly.

    If you could steal a work from any institution, what would you steal?

    Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci at the Louvre. Think I could get away with it?

  7. Social Media & Marketing Intern
    Twitter / Instagram: @ephtys

    Who is your favorite artist?

    Alphonse Mucha - his drawings are absolutely stunning!

    What is your favorite art space?

    City streets…that’s where I usually find the most interesting stuff. And then I obviously instagram it…

    What artworks are on your Artspace wish list?

    Beach (6) by Serge Hamad,  Pink Blossoms by Sally GallC’mon Get Happy by Deborah KassPiano Workshop Wall by Harold RossNuevo Eden 4199 by Andrea JuanGive me a B, Give me an A…& etc by John BaldessariFilm Still #5 (The Greatness) by Yi Zhou, anything by Stuart Franklin, any landscape photo by Dan Agam and (my personal favorite and closest to my heart) Italy. Rome. 1964 by Bruno Barbey.

    When were you first exposed to art/ the art world?

    I’ve always been exposed to art ever since I was born. My grandparents and parents collect art and objects from around the world (growing up in a diplomatic family has its perks), my uncle is an artist and I’ve always been “dragged” to museums as a child. 

    Do you create art?

    I studied Fine Arts in Rome before moving to New York City. I had a great passion for portraiture, hyperrealism and etching, but soon realized that being an artist was not my future and so turned to Visual Arts Administration. I don’t regret it, but I do miss painting. 

    What’s one item you can’t live without?

    As cliche’ as it may sound…my iPhone. I do everything with it: plan, film, communicate, take pictures, listen to music, relax and learn. I just wish it had a laundry-washing/coffee-making option….

    What’s your favorite food to snack on while in the office?

    My favorite “snack” is my mid-day espresso break at Eataly.

    If you could steal a work from any institution, what would you steal?

    This is funny because while I was interning at Christie’s Auction House I once found myself in front of an original work by my favorite artist Alphonse Mucha in their photography lab. I was very close to stealing it…very close. #badintern

  8. From our instagram:

    Our favorite Artspace dog looking dapper in a newly crafted pipe cleaner “Mo-tie”. 

  9. From our instagram:

    Fully stocked (and beautifully organized!) fridge at Artspace HQ.

  10. From our instagram:

    Setting up for a BBQ baby shower at Artspace HQ this afternoon.

  11. From our instagram:

    Yesterday we hosted a cookie swap in Artspace HQ!

  12. From our Instagram:

    Someone got a brand new hoodie for the holidays!

  13. From our instagram:

    Speech time! (From our office holiday party last week)

  14. From our Instagram:

    The set-up at our benefit event to support the ADAA Relief Fund (which goes to artists and galleries affected by Hurricane Sandy). More info here.

    (Source: instagram.com)

  15. From our Instagram:

    Do you think it’s time we got Moses his own desk?