1. Announcing the launch of our first-ever Artspace Social Happy Hour! On Tuesday, April 22 from 4-6 PM EST, we’ve invited Shantell Martin to stop by our headquarters to draw on us… based on crowd-sourced inspiration from YOU YOU YOU.

    All you have to do is tweet your words or phrases of inspiration (please keep it classy!) before or during the event and include @Artspace @Shantell_Martin #ARTSPACESOCIALHOUR. We’ll share the results on Twitter and Instagram!

    Spread the word!

  2. Daily Art Fix:

    In this mysterious image by Rosemarie Trockel, a young woman’s back becomes a site of study. Trockel frames the composition so as to elicit our curiosity, while the woman’s backless red dress exposes her pale skin and is complemented by a twist of long hair. 


    Joe Fig’s work offers glimpses into the studios, private spaces, and processes of acclaimed artists—or so it initially seems. In fact, Fig stages his photographs by meticulously crafting miniature diorama of each studio, including small models of the artists themselves. Fig then shoots the photograph from a documentary perspective so as to capture the artist in action. As such, his work challenges assumptions regarding the truth of photography as well as the mythic status of artists in contemporary culture.

  4. Worth Sharing:

    Uniqlo is now selling a t-shirt line influenced by contemporary artists. Like this Sarah Morris inspired shirt. 

  5. Daily Art Fix:

    Street artist Michael De Feo created bloemen violet, a jubilant, graffiti-infused silkscreen print, one of 50, as a collaboration with Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, a New York City-based nonprofit that both provides inner city youth with significant exposure to the arts and supports emerging artists.


    Responsible for sourcing new artworks, working with artists, institutions, and partners, and handling all shipping, operations, and merchandising, our curatorial team has a full plate.

    This month, they’ve been especially excited about a new collaboration with the Neue Galerie that has allowed us to be able to offer our collectors access to service sets designed by Josef Hoffmann (select pieces pictured above). Hoffmann’s elegant designs utilize both abstract and geometric shapes, which makes them the perfect addition to the art lover’s table. 

  7. #Daily Art Fix:

    In conjunction with a larger presentation of an “aesthetic interior” for New York gallery BROADWAY 1602, this work on paper marks an important shift in Paul P’s practice, one moving away from traditional representation and toward both abstraction and a focus on the building blocks of installation art. Here, Paul P.’s compilation of materials, colors, and forms—with both organic and hard edges—echoes modern art history’s tradition of abstract expressionism. 


    We are excited to announce a new, fun, feature on Artspace.com. Now you can browse our artworks in a customizable gallery view. See each work to scale, play around with framing options, and scroll through the entire gallery using just a few clicks on the screen. Tap through our tutorial below to learn more. Then go here to try it out yourself!

  9. We took Buzzfeed’s “Which Contemporary Artist Are You? quiz and here are our results and a few of the best reactions (names removed to protect the innocent):

    24% Marina Abramovic

    "I don’t think I could move anyone to tears and I’ve never had a scorpion on my face, but I don’t hate it!"  "Well this probably could not be more inaccurate."*stares unblinking across the table*

    24% Jeff Koons 

    "Oh man, not what I would have expected." "I think this is because I love everything dog-related!" "Hmm… that’s surprising!"

    20% Ai Weiwei

    "I agree. I can be outspoken from time to time." "I do love social media!"

    16% Banksy

    "Totes accurate." 

    12% Yayoi Kusama

    "I love her work and received her artist-designed beach towel as a christmas gift, so it was meant-to-be.”  ”I do like color and pattern!”

    4% Damien Hirst

    "These Buzzfeed quizzes really don’t get me."

    Did you take the quiz? Which contemporary artist are you?


    The #ATeam conquered the art world this weekend and snapped up some instagrams to prove it. See them all here.

  11. #Daily Art Fix:

    Huang Yan is known for overlaying traditional Chinese paintings on his models’ faces and torsos. This work is a particularly striking—the painted subject looks directly at the viewer, his cultural heritage deeply imbedded into his personal identity, not unlike a tattoo.

  13. Happy Tuesday! If you spent all last week (and weekend) binge-watching season two of House of Cards, then you are in good company. We couldn’t get enough of Frank & Claire Underwood, so we selected them for this month’s iteration of our Fictional Curator Series to keep the obsession rolling. Here’s our "His & Her" collection.

    Frank | Claire

  14. Anchored by Robert Longo’s compelling darkened flag, Frank Underwood’s collection is bold yet filled with subtleties, much like his character. We especially like how the menu of southern delicacies in the background of the Skylar Fein work speaks to Frank’s southern roots and we hope you caught our gentle nod to Frank’s video game obsession in Longo’s Untitled (Arena Brains). 

    THE ART:  Black Flag (1989), Robert Longo | Untitled (dollar bill back) (2012), Tom Friedman | High Water at the Carrollton Gauge (White Flag) (2011), Skylar Fein | Untitled (Arena Brains) (1986), Robert Longo

    #Fictional Curator Series #House of Cards

    See Claire’s collection