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    Uniqlo is now selling a t-shirt line influenced by contemporary artists. Like this Sarah Morris inspired shirt. 

  3. As part of U.S. Trust’s Heritage Meets Innovation series, Artspace’s founder Chris Vroom sat down with Wangechi Mutu to discuss her artistic process and the importance of art and artists within a community. Learn more and watch the videos here.

  4. Avoid embarrassment and impress your friends as you confidently discuss artists with even the trickiest of names. In today’s lesson we will be sharing our pronunciation guides (vols. 1 & 2) along with corresponding artworks so you can match signature styles to the artists themselves.

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    Artist Pronunciation Cheat Sheets: Vol. 1Vol. 2


    Let’s Play..Playland Rockaways

    ”[…] collaborators & artists seemed to magically & collectively unite.” [via eye-swoon.com]


    An interview with Kehinde Wiley in GQ

    At 36, he is already one of the art world’s brightest lights, painter of portraits that borrow heavily from the old to make something blazingly new. Where once there were only white kings and their queens, Kehinde Wiley inserts the “brown faces” long absent from Western art. Rappers, athletes, kids off the street. Wyatt Mason hangs with Wiley as he hits the beaches and markets of North Africa, handpicks his subjects, and transforms them, step by inspired step, into an ambitious new series of paintings. This is how a masterpiece is made. [Read more on GQ]

  8. Artwork of the day

    Puppy by Jeff Koons

    If Moses could get his portrait done by any artist, he would pick Jeff Koons.

  9. Read our interview with NYFA fellowship winner June Glasson here.


    What I Like About You: Artists to Follow on Instagram

    Every social network finds its (temporary) niche. Facebook is an information hub and water cooler, salon and reunion; Twitter more suited to bullhorns and banter; Tumblr a multi-media feed of news, curiosities, and cuteness. Instagram is just photos, quick and easy. Reblogging is impossible, captions are minimal, and so are comments. It’s all about the image. And (unless accounts are private) anyone can follow along. [See the full list on Artinfo]

    Image above is from Artspace artist Hank Willis Thomas's instagram feed.


    Liz Magic Laser Focus-Groups Armory Show Contribution

    In one of the more unusual art-world events I’ve attended lately, I joined a focus group Monday evening at the beige Lexington Avenue offices of Focus Suites. We were there at the Armory Show’s invitation to brainstorm ideas for Liz Magic Laser’s contribution—very much in development—as the commissioned artist for the fair’s 2013 iteration, a role that requires her to “inspire the visual identity” of the fair, according to a handout given to participants. [READ MORE ON ART IN AMERICA]

  12. Hey, San Francisco! You’re invited to swing by Electric Works and check out The Best of Everything, an exhibition of some of our Artspace Editions.

    Opening reception is this Friday, from 6-8pm.

    Exhibition will run through December 22, 2012.


    Call Parade is an ongoing public art project in São Paulo sponsored by Brazilian telecommunications firm Vivo, that paired 100 artists with 100 street-side phone booths giving them free reign to transform the peculiar hooded fixtures into anything imaginable. The exhibition has proven to be extremely popular and Brazilian photographer Mariane Borgomani set out to capture a number of the phones, my favorite of which is the painted day/night treatment above by artist Maramgoní. You can see a gallery of all 100 phones here. (via lustik) [See more on Colossal]


    Pablo Picasso with Gary Cooper’s gun and hat, photographed by André Villers in 1959. [See the complete post on silly photos of serious artists on Flavorwire.]