2. (Source: artspace.com)


    Street artist JR has created a free app so anyone can explore his works from all around the world. [via ArtsTech]

  4. Artwork of the day:

    Lighthouse by Guy Yanai

    Just wanted to add a pop of color (and summer) to this dreary and wintery day. 

  5. Happy Birthday, Picasso! This photograph is of the Spanish painter in front of his painting Guernica, at its unveiling at the Spanish Pavilion of the 1937 International World Fair in Paris held six weeks after the aerial bombing of the Basque village of Guernica. 

    Photograph by David Seymour. Collect it on Artspace.

  6. From our Instagram:

    Spotted in the East Village and it instantly reminded us of our Tumblr artist contest we just launched! If you haven’t yet, check it out now: nextartspaceartist.tumblr.com.

  7. (Use arrows on sides of post to scroll through and see more works by Chuck Webster.)


    Brooklyn-based painter Chuck Webster recently sat down with Artwrit to discuss his work exhibited at ZieherSmith gallery in New York, a show simply titled Paintings. Webster’s new series of large paintings takes a personal risk, as the pieces step away from his previous work, which was similar in aesthetic but on a much smaller scale. Through shapes and color, Webster expands, stretches and explores the certain type of confidence that could be found on an effortless napkin drawing. His images hint at what might be a series of shipwrecks, and the bright, confident marks leave the viewer slightly disturbed, yet joyful. [Read the interview with Chuck Webster on The Huffington Post]

    Or, watch our video interview with Chuck Webster HERE.


    When the National Gallery gave three very different visual artists – Chris Ofili, Conrad Shawcross and Mark Wallinger – two years to interpret three paintings by Titian, the results were startling. Now the Metamorphosis: Titian 2012 exhibition, running from 11 July - 23 September at London’s National Gallery, brings these remarkable artworks together with the masterpieces that inspired them. [See the complete slideshow at The Guardian]

    Learn more about the artist behind the work pictured above: Artspace artist Chris Ofili

  9. We did a little Q&A with photographer Bryan Rowe. Read the full interview here

  10. Jeremy Blake + Beck

    Another great artist and musician collaboration. Blake’s color soaked, dreamy digital art fits perfectly with Beck’s stripped emotion album Sea Changes.


  11. (this) Chris Martin, like the other (think “Coldplay”), creates music records, though he hasn’t won fame by claiming Grammy’s or Platinum status.  Rather, he composes a piece inspired by Miles Davis’ live performance at the Fillmore East in 1970.  From June 17-20th, Davis and his band recorded four straight days, one track per. “Wednesday Miles” was done the first night, a Wednesday of course, and was produced as a nearly 25-minute performance.  Martin’s screenprint collage includes digitally scanned images of the performance’s vinyl records into a mixed media masterpiece. -JOSH