1. It’s not every day we see our artwork featured in Vogue! 

    Bettina Prentice, founder and owner of Prentice Art: “I did almost all of my Christmas shopping on Artspace.com this year. Part of their mission is collaborating with cultural institutions and nonprofits like limited editions so they’ll produce a portfolio of incredible contemporary art to benefit, say, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Creative Time, or even Coalition for the Homeless. The editions are just what I look for 1) by respected artists, 2) small in scale, and 3) very high in quality.”

  2. Artwork of the day:

    Looker, 2011 by Sara Greenberger Rafferty

    In the hands of Sara Greenberger Rafferty, funnymen and women like the late Saturday Night Live staple, Madeline Kahn, and Barbra Streisand are blurred into colorful, eerie compositions. We are excited to offer two of her artworks this week in our private sale.


    THE ART: Viewer, 2011 by Sara Greenberger Rafferty

    FOUND: 1. Purple Haze Manic Panic hair dye found on Pinterest / 2. La Mer Watch found on ShopCuffs / 3. Lavender cupcakes found on Jessie’s Kitchen Chronicles / 4. iPhone case found on Society6 / 5. Madam Explorer Scarf found on Anthropologie

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    After stumbling upon Sara Greenberger Rafferty’s work at the New York Photo Festival this spring, I became curious about her varied approaches towards making art. One of the reasons her work is so interesting to me is that she prefers not to be boxed into a corner by material, method, or medium-specificity. Punching, waterlogging, cutting, and rephotographing are some of the techniques she uses to re-appropriate photographs of performers, comedians, and television personalities, into strong art objects. These objects include Double Issue, her 2010 artist book modeled after a TV Guide, and a video tableaux she is working on with Triple Canopy. She understands how the interplay between pieces can create a dialogue between the viewer and the works themselves and how a heteronomic exhibition title can further the analysis of the work. In addition to her studio work, Rafferty works towards providing a realistic representation of what it is to be a working artist in a contemporary world. [Read the interview on BOMB]

    View additional works by Sara Greenberger Rafferty HERE.

  5. bhsutton:

    Sara Greenberger Rafferty’s new show at Rachel Uffner Gallery, Remote (through October 23) is full of what look like expressionist paintings but are in fact photographic prints.