1. Jumping off of our previous Color Wheel - our InSpace Trade Program Manager Anna put together a small collection of artworks in all beautiful tones of beige.
    See the collection here.

  3. Meet the newest Inspace artist Leah Durner and celebrate her West Elm collaboration (pictured above).

    Shop art by Leah Durner here.

  4. Artwork of the day:

    DGTMB Wall Clock by Ego Nogroho

    from the collection Ideas: the Object of Desire

  5. We’ve teamed up with Project Décor to bring you home decor inspiration boards designed around works of art from our collection. We love the mix of watery blues and shiny gold accents.

    THE ART: (1) Okavengo Delta Lilies 2 by Maxi Cohen 

    THE ROOM: (2) Savoy Small Polished Brass Pendant (3) Vision Vase (4) Gold Cali Vase (5) Iris Tray (6) Standard Sofa in Ocean (8) Pascal Iron and Glass Side Table


    Want to design your own board around a work of art? Hop on over to Project Décor and get started here. And feel free to share them in the comments below; we’d love to see what you come up with!

    Interior Designers: Have you signed up for Inspace yet?