3. - Tazza D’OroPantheon area - espresso and granita al caffe! Perfect “pick-me-ups” for a sunny mid-afternoon stroll around the city center.

    - La Piccola Cuccagna: Piazza Navona area - ask for these pasta dishes: rigatoni alla carbonara and penne alla boscaiola. You’ll thank us later!

    - Giggetto al Portico d’Ottavia: roman-jewish cuisine: Carciofi alla Giudia (deep fried artichokes…) are a must! 

    - Cremeria Monteforte: Tired of the usual vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavors? Try their rose petal infused gelato instead…

    - Pompi: Original (coffee and chocolate) or strawberry tiramisu’? You choose…

  4. Editorialist’s Stefania Allen and Kate Davidson Hudson shared their art picks over on Artspace, but we asked them to do a special round-up of what they truly know best: accessories. Here are their 5 must-haves that are sure to make you sparkle this summer.

    1. Natasha Cuff by Dannijo
    2. Rose Gold, Geode and Diamond Necklace by Kimberly McDonald
    3. Gold-Plated, Stone and Crystal Lotus Earrings by Lele Sadoughi
    4. Two-Tone Leather Sandals by Aperlai
    5. Anorexxxy Acetate Sunglasses by Theirry Lasry in collaboration with Miroslava Duma

  5. With the gray and chilly weather here in NYC we can’t help but dream of sunny days spent in California. We’ve pulled together some pieces that represent some of our California love.

    5 Things:

    1. Hayes Valley, 2012 by Jessica Hess (top left)

    2. Beach (8), 2011 by Serge Hamad (top right)

    3. USA. California. 1968. Venice Beach Rock Festival, 1968, by Dennis Stock (center)

    4. Sutter Stockton, SF, CA, 2002 by Chris Woodcock (bottom left)

    5. Behind the Hollywood Sign 104, 2012 by Ted VanCleave (bottom right)

  6. Happy Birthday Kate Moss!

    ART SHOWN ABOVE (clockwise from top left): Juergen Teller, Arthur Elgort, Roxanne Lowit, Don Florence.

  7. With appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Gossip Girl, a shout out from French Glamour citing her as New York’s “coolest it girl” last year, and a feature on her rented Brooklyn room in The New York Times, Shantell Martin seems to be everywhere these days. This comes as no surprise to us – a true force of nature, Martin takes an otherwise stagnant, typically small-scale medium and blows it up. Her drawings explode off the paper and onto gallery walls, and she is known for her interactive performances in which she works in front of live audiences, all to the beat of music pounding in the background.

    As it is an integral part in her work, we snagged Martin this week to find out what she’s currently listening to and how she discovers new music. A world traveler, most of what she has on her playlists are by artists she’s met or seen performed live. If you aren’t prone to jet setting, she graciously shared her current Top 5 in the list below. Happy listening!

    1. Drums of Death
    2. Jahcoozi
    3. Kissey (Asplund)
    4. Hannah Holland
    5. Maral Salmassi

    Read our full interview with Shantell Martin here. View all of her works here. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and her blog

    [Image credits: Drums of Death, Jahcoozi, Kissey, Hannah Holland, Maral Salmassi]