1. Since 1972, Artists Space has successfully contributed to changing the institutional and economic landscape for contemporary art in New York City - lending support to emerging ideas and emerging artists alike.

    From Artists Space:

    40 years after its founding, Artists Space remains committed to using its resources to enable artists to critically challenge the status quo. Limited Editions are an important source of support for the organization, and specifically of its four core programs, each of which is intended to provide artists with a combination of tangible resources and opportunities for artistic and intellectual growth: the exhibitions program at Artists Space : Exhibitions; The Irving Sandler Artists File, an online registry of the work of over 14,000 international artists; Expanded Art Ideas, an arts in education program providing at-risk youth with access to arts education at New York City public schools; and Artists Space : Books & Talks, a new neighboring second venue dedicated to artistic debate and knowledge production.

    Learn more about Artists Space and collect works to benefit the organization here.

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