1. We’ve been a little bit obsessed with the perplexing yet beautiful abstract photography of rising art star Jack Hardwicke. And we’re not the only ones -  recently he has been interviewed by the Creator’s Project and Bizarre Beyond Belief, an online magazine. Despite the fact he’s been busy with his latest show at Fishing Quarter Gallery in Brighton (now through Nov 13) and the release of three limited editions of his photographs on Artspace, he still managed to take a moment of his time to share with us just a few of the many things that are currently inspiring him.

    5 things:

    1. Michael Chase’s abstract artwork (top left)
    2. Lucid dreaming (bottom left)
    3. Music, especially that of Grimes and Lone (center and top right)
    4. Under the Glass Eye by Peter Hirst (not pictured)
    5. The Tree of Life by Terrence Malick (bottom right)
    After the jump, Hardwicke explains each of his 5 things, so please read on!

    1. The artwork of Michael Chase

    I discovered Michael’s work shortly after joining Tumblr and his work has inspired me a great deal ever since. On first viewing I was mesmerized by the simple yet striking nature of his compositions, not to mention the sheer volume of work he seemed to be producing. I decided to experiment more with shooting vertical/portrait as he seemed to work exclusively in this way and have since adopted this as my most common orientation. His work focuses on themes of decay and impermanence and I think we share a love for a similar aesthetic. I have had the fortune to be able to converse with Michael through Tumblr and we ended up working on a couple of collaborations together. 'Criss Cross Cuts' is a cross editing project we worked on together incorporating both of our photographs and both of our separate contributions to the editing process. We recently finished the second batch of CCC and will be posting these on Tumblr soon. I think the project has been a great testament to the power of the internet and social media as two artists from different continents we were still able to come together and create something together. To see Michael’s work visit www.areaofinterest.com and look out for Criss Cross Cuts II coming soon.

    2. Dreams

    I have always been fascinated with dreams and am fortunate in that I dream regularly and vividly. What I love is the impression a dream leaves on you upon waking, though this can often be a very hazy and latent emotional response it can be lasting and deep. Some of my most significant existential and philosophical thoughts and experiences have come whilst sleeping. I am reading and learning about Lucid dreaming and have already had some incredible, life affirming, lucid experiences. Exploring your dreams is something that I would recommend to anybody. The concept of dreams, though familiar to most, is extremely abstract, and I often try to recreate the mood of a dream or a dream-like vibe in some of my abstract work. A couple of pieces of mine are direct attempts to recreate my dreams in photographic form.

    3. Music

    There is one thing in my life that comes before everything else (besides people) and that is music. Music is my daily fuel and I struggle when I am not able to listen on a regular basis. All art forms are different but I think music is capable of creating a deeper emotional reaction than other art forms. A lot of my work is inspired by music, I find that whatever is playing at the time is likely to dramatically impact the tone of whatever I am working on. I listen to an awful lot of music but a couple of records that I really love and have inspired me lately would be Grimes - Visions and Lone - Galaxy Garden.

    4. Under the Glass Eye by Peter Hirst

    I’m not a big reader, and I certainly struggle with fiction. I love stories, and I love film and good television, but my mind doesn’t always respond to written words so well. However a friend of mine recently sent me his novel and I am absolutely 100% hooked. There’s just something about the way its written that has really inspired me and got my brain working in unusual ways. That’s one of the greatest feelings. It’s not even published and is still being drafted, and I haven’t even finished reading it, but it’s really amazing thus far. I’d love to direct an on screen version of it one day. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one - if there are any publishers reading this you need to get your hands on this book.

    5. The Tree of Life by Terrence Malick

    This is a movie that had a profound effect on me. The story and the themes in the film are ones which are close to my heart and I can relate to on a very personal level but what made the movie for me and what I have taken away from it the most is the brilliant and breathtakingly beautiful cinematography of the movie. Terrence Malick wanted to use as little CGI special effects as possible and in the creation of Earth scenes most of the shots were made naturally using chemistry, liquids and gases. This directly inspired my liquid dreams series. Almost every shot in that film is more elegant than the last. One day I would love to explore film-making and the sublime cinematography of The Tree of Life would be my bench mark. Peter Simonite, cinematographer on The Tree of Life, also co-directed the latest video by Explosions in the Sky. It has a similar cinematic feel and focus on the wonder of youth, and includes one of my all time favourite shots

    Be sure to check out Jack Hardwicke’s works on Artspace!

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