1. Om

    by Sanford Biggers


    After a really really rough weekend, followed by this morning when I spilled tea all over my computer (it is okay *phew*) I saw this piece and deeply exhaled. The Sanskrit symbol, om, that means “to sound out loudly”  is also used to symbolize the beginning, the duration, and the dissolution. Now, I’m not exactly one to mediate regularly, but reading about the symbol felt natural today. I decided to paste my favorite ways “om” can be represented that currently seem to resonate. 

    In Hinduism “OM” is the reflection of the absolute reality.

    It implies that our current existence is mithyā and maya, “falsehood.” In order to know the full truth we must comprehend beyond the body to understand the true nature of infinity.

    Om is the signifier of the ultimate truth that all is one.

    This might be a little much to take in on a tumblr post, but Sanford Biggers's Om brings it back to earth. Here, the symbol used in most Indian cultures is written in graffiti style. It works as a link between a more modern culture and one that feels distant and elusive. His adaption made me feel it was okay to relate to the symbol, even though I am not religious. It helped me to be calm and reminded me to just breathe. -JACKI

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