9. Move over Mona…We are Taking A Look at Contemporary Portraiture.

    Portraiture is a constant theme throughout art history; today, contemporary artists have moved away from traditional portrait subject matter and now use portraiture as a means to experiment with new media and techniques. 

  11. Art to See in NYC: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Every summer The Met features a fashion exhibit, called the Costume Institute Exhibition. This summer’s show is Charles James: Beyond Fashion. It profiles the exquisite post-war designs of the Anglo-American couturier Charles James. The exhibit incorporates robotic arms and x-ray technology that allow visitors to see how James’s incredibly complex gowns were constructed. This years exhibition also marks the opening of the Costume Institute Gallery dedicated to the “High Priestess of Vogue” herself, Anna Wintour.

    The other special exhibition for the summer is Dan Graham’s installation Hedge Two-Way Mirror Walkabout. Displayed on the museum’s rooftop gallery, the installation is set against the backdrop of the NYC skyline. 

    Hedge Two-Way Mirror Walkabout is on view now through November 2 and Charles James: Beyond Fashion is on view through August 10th. Go check them out!

  13. Spontaneity and Subconsciousness: Exploring the Connections Between Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism

    While the Abstract Expressionists denied the influence of Surrealism on their works the connections between the two are obvious, the idea of spontaneity and an interest in exploring subconsciousness play a major role in both movements. Even the legacies of these movements are intertwined, as many contemporary works continue to straddle the line between Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism.